This website presents information on prehistoric and 19th century Eskimo art from
throughout the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions in a form that will hopefully be of interest to all
of those engaged in any way with this subject. Because there are many sources relating
to 20th century Eskimo art this period will generally not be covered here, but the site does
include some Aleut objects. We will take advantage of the ability to provide much more
extensive illustrative and documentary material than would usually be possible in a book,
as well as the opportunity to update and expand earlier postings with new information.
The emphasis is on presenting historical, ethnographic and archaeological information
concerning mostly unpublished or little known artworks and related objects that were made
for use (either practical or ritual), in an effort to better place them in the context in which
they were created. Some background information such as summaries of prehistoric
Eskimo art style periods and the history of archeological discoveries and collecting in the
Chukotka/Bering Strait region is also included, as well as biographical sketches of pioneers
in Eskimo archaeology and anthropology about which little or no information is readily
available. It is intended for this to be a dynamic project that will expand and evolve over
time, and we welcome comments and suggestions as this new initiative gets underway